Chore club partners are a group of people committed to seeing people flourish. People like you, giving generously, wisely, and passionately to complex problems of poverty through comprehensive solutions.

How it works

It’s Monthly

Sign up once by choosing a monthly amount that works for you. Your automatic recurring donation will result in a personal impact that multiplies its reach across Uganda through personal and social transformation.

It Multiplies

Unlike a typical sponsorship program, our goal is the whole person, entire communities and self-sustainability. Your gift gets multiplied into helping transform young lives, start small businesses through micro loans, build schools,skilling centers and reach new communities.

It’s Personal

Your donation becomes personal. Once you join the Believers community we partner you with a student in Uganda and you will follow their life, journey of discipleship, growth, and progress with us.

Invest (your giving) wisely.

We want to make your generosity go as far as possible and impact as many people as possible. We utilize your monthly gift to invest in our sustainable community development model. In return, you get to follow the life of a student and their personal transformation with Us. This is intentionally not your typical “sponsorship” model, we want your dollar to do more and to make a difference that will last well beyond your life-time. Your investment will help end spiritual, relational, and economic poverty one life at a time.

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