I’m Mutebi Bashir- Founder of One Home Mission Foundation. “Having grown up in a small, poverty-strikenĀ  community where dependency on foreign aid has become the norm, I, a dedicated individual with a background in charity work and volunteering, witnessed the cyclical pattern of reliance. After passionately dedicating five years of my life to helping those in need, I grew increasingly frustrated by the perpetuated mindset of expecting endless assistance from foreign countries.

Determined to break this cycle and empower the community, I made a life-altering decision. It was the last year that I vowed to take action and find a way for the people to no longer resign themselves to a life of poverty but instead uplift themselves.

I started by conducting thorough research on successful self-reliance models implemented in similar communities in the rural areas of Busoga region. Armed with knowledge and inspiration, I organized community meetings and engaged with local leaders, sharing my vision for sustainable development.

Together with like-minded individuals within the community and family, we formed a non-profit organization focused on fostering self-sufficiency and empowering individuals to become agents of change within their own lives. Our mission was clear: To provide resources and tools that would enable them to break free from the chains of dependency with an aim to make a poverty free community and better for everyone.

This was the Genesis of One Home Mission Foundation.
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