Make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children by supporting the My Filter My Life campaign. With your contribution, we can provide free water filters to rural-based schools and also people in the Karamoja region who have low chances to access clean water, significantly reducing the risk of waterborne diseases such as cholera and bilharzia. Each filter costs $25, and every dollar you donate will go directly towards improving the health and well-being of these children and elderly people. Join us in this noble cause and help us create a safer and healthier future for them. Your support can change lives!


By supporting our Bore Hole program, you’re contributing to the construction and renovation of wells in underprivileged rural communities. Together, we can eliminate the risks faced by women and girls who endure long walks in search of clean water. Your generous contribution will bring clean and accessible water closer to those who need it most. Join us in creating lasting change and improving the lives of these communities



We believe in the extraordinary strength and potential of young mothers. That’s why we introduced a Micro Loan and Savings Program, designed specifically to uplift these incredible women and help them provide for their children’s needs.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’ΌπŸ’ͺ Our program aims to unlock new opportunities for young moms by empowering them to start their own small businesses. With access to affordable micro-loans and the support they need, they can turn their dreams into reality.

✨ We’re thrilled to share that more than 30 courageous mothers have already benefited from this life-changing initiative. From launching their own ventures to generating income, these amazing women are creating a brighter future for themselves and their little ones.


Together with Water CharityΒ  we proposed a solution to provide a reliable supply of water within the Bukoteka Health Centre premises in Bugweri district, eliminating the need for patients and pregnant women to fetch water from external sources. By improving access to water, we can minimize potential risks and provide a safer environment for both patients and healthcare providers. This will not only enhance the quality of care but also contribute to better health outcomes for all.
Read more about the project:Β https://watercharity.com/project/bukoteka-health-centre-water-project-uganda/conclusion-of-bukoteka-health-centre-2-uganda/

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