Protection Policy

We put much emphasis on Child protection.


We believe all children should be known, loved and protected. We also believe that child protection is central to God’s heart. So we consider the love, care, and protection of children as our top priorities.

Children in poverty are at a higher risk of abuse and trafficking. As an organization working to release children from poverty, One Home Mission is serious about keeping children safe.



Our approach to and philosophy for child protection is based on the following strongly held convictions.
  • No violence against children is justifiable, and all violence against children is preventable.

  • Children are valuable to God, are uniquely created individuals and are worthy of dignity and respect.

  • It is everyone’s job to protect children.

  • Everyone involved in the protection of children should always act in the best interests of children and be held accountable if they do not.

  • Parents and caregivers hold first and primary responsibility for the care and protection of children. However, we recognize that because of individual life circumstances, not every parent is equipped to effectively protect their children, and all parents need support in child protection.

  • Children are both vulnerable and strong. We view children as active contributors to their own protection. Children must be empowered to fully engage in the work of child protection — their own protection and the protection of their peers. At the same time, children must be protected and cared for by the adults in their lives.

  • Sponsors have a responsibility to protect children, as does anyone in a relationship with a child.

  • Government authorities have a role to play in preventing child maltreatment, and to respond if children are harmed. One Home Mission promotes local legal systems and local authorities as the most appropriate legal outlets for redress of criminal cases of child abuse, exploitation and neglect, while also recognizing that parents and partners play a critical supportive role in these efforts.


At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” –  Jodi Rell

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