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Nabirye Jenifer

Bio data

ID No: #WEP019

AGE: 25
Iganga, Uganda

Introducing Nabirye Jenifer, a resilient 25-year-old mother who defied the odds and gave birth to her child during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. As she navigates through life without a stable job, she currently sustains herself by offering laundry services to earn some income. However, her ultimate goal is to establish her own small business and provide a better future for herself and her child.We have the opportunity to make a difference in Nabirye’s life by offering a helping hand. By providing her with a small loan of $100 through our micro-loan (VSLA) program, we can empower her to kickstart her entrepreneurial journey and support her family. Nabirye is determined to repay the loan in affordable installments while building a thriving business.

Join us in making an impact and supporting Nabirye as she takes courageous steps towards financial independence and creating a better life for herself and her little one. Together, we can be catalysts for positive change.

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