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Nangobi Mariam

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ID No: #WEP026

AGE: 19
Iganga, Uganda

Meet Nangobi Mariam, a resilient mother of two who is determined to create a better future for her family. Despite facing numerous challenges at the tender age of 19, including abandonment by her husband and limited financial resources, Mariam has found strength in staying with her grandmother and pursuing new opportunities.With no job prospects and relying on her mother’s income from farming, Mariam is eager to establish a small business that will enable her to provide for her children. She understands the importance of self-sufficiency and is ready to work hard to secure a brighter tomorrow.Your support can make a significant difference in Mariam’s journey towards success. By helping her establish her business, you can empower this courageous young woman as she strives to create stability and security for herself and her family.

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