Invest (your giving) wisely

We want to make your generosity go as far as possible and impact as many people as possible. We utilize your monthly gift to invest in our sustainable community development model. In return, you get to follow the life of a student and their personal transformation with One Home Mission Foundation. This is intentionally not your typical “sponsorship” model, we want your dollar to do more and to make a difference that will last well beyond your life-time. Your investment will help end spiritual, relational, and economic poverty one life at a time.


Your investment is pooled with others to ensure our schools can give students in need access to a transformational education at one of our local schools. By joining The Chore Club, you in turn will have the opportunity to follow the life of a student through their educational and discipleship journey with  One Home Mission Foundation..


We are on a mission to build quality 100% local owned and affordable schools, health care centres and skilling centre for the most vulnerable communities in Uganda. With your investment, you will help build and make a longterm economic impact in the local community.


Your gift helps the parents and families of students learn skills (job, agriculture, and leadership training) that will directly empower their family’s ability to overcome the economic poverty they face.


We’ll make sure your gift gets invested rightly. With your help, we’ll continue to build out our social enterprise model to ensure employment for family members in the community.

What to expect

Your impact is going to become personal

We’ll make sure you stay informed and you see the benefit of your monthly donation. Every year, you can expect:

  1.  One Home Mission Foundation.+ The Chore Club: to remind you of your impact every single month.

  2. Monthly email reports: updates on your impact on every dimension of a student’s life.

  3. Three personal student updates per year through the mail, including: photos, updates, and letters.


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