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About Us

We recognize the interconnected needs of vulnerable communities and take a holistic approach to build pathways out
of poverty. We believe in empowering local leaders to drive economic and social growth of their own communities
through social enterprises that promote education, health, and economic development (skill training and job creation).

We believe individuals in poverty have the God-given talents and skills to lead their own communities out of poverty.
At times, what they lack is access to resources, opportunities, and the infrastructure needed to invest in their own
community potential.



We aim to generate 100% of our operating budget through locally-generated revenue from our social
enterprises. Our intention is that every service we provide is capable of running solely on support from the
community. The community does not need foreigners to “give” them what they need year after year. They
simply need capital to build quality infrastructure and kickstart their programs. From there, they are able to
build revenue streams that will support themselves and their community

Local Ownership

The more a community owns their programs, the more impactful and sustainable they will be.
Our vision is to see Ugandans empowering Ugandans. Our work is dedicated to seeing that our local teams
are the change they want to see in their communities.

Social Entrepreneurship

We promote an innovative social business mentality by creating enterprises focused on health, education,
and skill development. Charity has played a devastating role in killing local initiatives and local economies.
The more “handouts” and “free” passes given, the less a community develops. Our work model supports the
greatest needs in the community, but are profit driven to ensure local buy-in, sustainability, efficiency, and

We are moving beyond charity.

We are building movement of Ugandans empowering Ugandans

A Transformative Community Solution

We have a solution that partners with rural communities in Uganda.
Together, we build a self-sustaining model with a school, health center, farm, and business/ vocational
training facilities, in each community.

“When you invest with us, you get more for your donation. Through our holistic model we believe the outcomes will reduce unemployment, create leaders, ensure healthy citizens, and lower student drop-out rates.”


We believe in investing in the future of Uganda and so education is the foundation of our work. Our locally-led and community-based model focuses on building sustainable schools that can become the epicenter of learning and transformation in the communities we work in.

Economic Development

There is a phrase in Uganda that we love that says, “Don’t be job seekers; be job creators.” We’re dedicated to creating quality jobs and careers in each community that we work. Our goal is to ensure that education results in increased economic growth for individuals and families.

Health & Wellness

The leading health care challenge in Uganda, especially in rural areas, is lack of reliable, local health care, poor water and sanitation facilities.

Agriculture /Farming

Revolutionize the farming game with our advanced agricultural practices and unlock the potential for higher revenue! Our approach is all about training and encouraging farmers growing quality products and
maximizing profits through value addition. From innovative farming techniques to value-added processing, we provide them with the tools and knowledge to take their agricultural business to new heights.

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